Monday, 26 October 2015

Pumpkin and Red Pepper Soup

I make this soup a lot but usually I use butternut squash instead of pumpkin. However, with all those pumpkins in the shops, and I'm also trying to be a bit seasonal, I thought I'd give my recipe a go with pumpkins and - 'what'd you know' - it was really good.......

Here's my recipe......

1 large onion - diced
1 red pepper - same size dice as the onion
1 medium sized pumpkin - peeled, de-seeded and cubed giving about half kg
some olive oil
1 teaspoon chilli flakes
1 clove garlic - chopped
thumb size piece of ginger - chopped
Pint chicken or vegetable stock
small tin coconut cream
Handful chopped parsley
salt and pepper

Place the onions and pepper into a large saucepan with the olive oil and saute. Once they start to soften remove about half and set them aside. Place the pumpkin, garlic and ginger in with remaining onion/pepper mix and continue to saute. Once the pumpkin has started to colour you can add the chilli flakes, followed by the stock. Bring to the boil. put the lid on and leave to simmer for about 15 to 20 minutes until the pumpkin has softened.

Remove from the heat and puree the soup - I used a stick blender - once it's all smooth and creamy pour it back in the pan, add the coconut cream, the onions and pepper you 'set aside' and the chopped parsley. Stir over a medium heat until all is heated through. Add salt and pepper and serve.

Have a great start to your week

Love Lizx

 Pumpkin Soup