Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Fancied up Baked Beans

This recipe came from a very unexpected source!

I went online last week - just to find out when one of my favourite authors next book was to be published - found myself directed to her website - and the first thing that jumped straight out at me wasn't details on her next book, it wasn't her book signing tours and wasn't that she looked nothing like I imagined (although that did surprise me a bit!) but that she had a recipe section. So being unable to resist a recipe, any sort of recipe! I headed straight for there and spent the next hour reading every one!

One I just had to try, it kept calling for me, just because the recipe was so bizarre!

Basically, it was an oven cooked baked bean casserole - nothing unusual in that - however, this recipe was her Granny's and she used to emptied tins of beans into a pot and then added what ever she could find in the fridge which included pickles, bacon, sauces, mustard and chutneys. She even included Caesar salad dressing!

Now, as I said I was intrigued but I'm not intrigued enough to follow her ideas to the letter - I got the impression that granny may have been a little eccentric - so I thought I would have a go at tweaking her recipe a little (well, actually a lot) and make up something I could top off a jacket potato with for my supper......I decided to add a little bit of healthy to my recipe and cut out most of her sauces and pickle ideas.....

Recipe - serves 1
1 can of baked beans
a few spring onions
half a red pepper
a stick of celery
1 teaspoon chilli flakes
a dash of Worcestershire sauce
a few rashers smokey bacon
loads of grated mature Cheddar cheese
a little salt and loads of black pepper

A jacket potato to serve and some lettuce leaves

Pre-heat oven 150C/gas 2

Ok, so empty your beans into a casserole pot and then chop all your ingredients up and add them to the beans.

Make sure everything is mixed in well and the finish off with a good thick layer of cheese.

Pop the top on the pot or cover with foil and then place in your oven for at least an hour you want it piping hot, cooked through with a thick sauce - if your cooking enough for 4 or more you may want to leave it for 2 to 3 hours.

The main thing to remember is not to stir it just pop it in the oven and let it cook away - the long you leave it the better the flavours and the thicker the sauce.

Serve over a jacket potato or with loads of oven baked sausages - or both!

I was actually amazed at the flavour of this it was really very good and would be perfect as a side dish to go with a bonfire party or winter barbecue......

Have a great day
Love Lizx

 Oven Baked Beans