Wednesday, 21 October 2015


We visited the Island of Delos whilst we were away in the Cyclades.

Well, we couldn't really avoid it - the Island filled the view from our room - so it was inevitable that we went over to take a look.

As all good travellers should do, I read a bit about the island before we went - so I could appear knowledgeable and intelligent!

Ha - I don't think that worked!

However, no amount of reading would have prepared me for what was there. The ruins were incredible, some of the carvings were so perfect it was almost as if they had been done yesterday not hundreds of years ago.

Here's my history bit.......

'According to Greece mythology Delos is the birth place of Apollo and as such, the island became a holy sanctuary. Archaeology on Delos has found evidence of human habitation from the 3rd Millennium BC ' - that's a heck of a long time ago!
So, there was plenty going on there and with the advantageous climate, most of the ruins have remained   -   I'm used to visiting archaeological sites in Britain that have had severe weathering from wind, rain, snow and ice so not much is left for us to look at and I always seem to visit them in the rain!. Therefore, this island and it's ruins were absolutely amazing for me to see.....especially as it was hot and I could wander around in shorts and a t-shirt not full on wet weather gear - this is how archaeology should be appreciated!

As you can imagine loads of pictures were taken - here are just a few......

The First part of the Island by the port was rather like an ancient reclamation yard full of carved columns and marble flag stones.

Mosaic covered may floors - some so perfect they look like they have never been walked on - nothing has been re-worked all is original.....

This was one of my favourite areas - The House of the Lake. I would love this floor pattern in my conservatory! (hint, hint......)

This was the Temple of Isis.....

And here the Iconic image of Delos - the Terrace of the Lions......

As I said, nothing prepared us for this magical and sacred island - in fact we were so engrossed were nearly missed the last boat back - we spent over 4 hours there and only looked at half the island  - I need to go back again and finish my visit!

Have a great Wednesday
Love Lizx