Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Grilled Peaches for Breakfast

Well, that was a very relaxing and happy bank holiday weekend.

For once we didn't go away and hadn't planned anything - so it was a case of going with the flow and letting the weather dictate our activities - which was a good job because it rained - a lot - so I was glad I wasn't camping!

Most of the weekend was spent around the house and garden (dodging the showers) reading books, cooking and eating long, lazy meals ....... generally vegging out and winding down......

We did get out of the house yesterday and managed a good healthy walk over Dartmoor - unfortunately, we picked the same route as a load of fell runners - going against the flow (we were going down whilst they we coming up!)  made for some interesting manoeuvring to hop out of their way in time! - although I must admit I was a little tardy - having loads of fit, young, tanned men running towards me was ........ well, I'm sure you can guess........ anyway, I did eventually recover and continue on my walk......

A must for a lazy bank holiday weekend is special breakfasts and with peaches everywhere in the shops at the moment I decided that one morning we would have a few grilled to have with yogurt and muesli.

This is a really simple dish and you can make it as fancy as you like. You can serve it with cream instead of yogurt and cut the muesli down to a sprinkle - it makes for a great dessert especially for a barbecue..

Recipe Serves 4

Peaches - cut in half and stoned - use as many as you want we had one each.
500g tub natural yogurt
1 dessertspoon caster sugar  - just to take the edge off
1 teaspoon vanilla - more if you want
1 -2 handfuls your favourite muesli
some extra nuts - pecan, hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts - whatever you fancy
Maple syrup
olive oil

Heat a griddle to a medium heat.

Whilst the griddle is warming, brush a little olive oil over the cut sides of the peaches. When your griddle ready to cook, lay the peaches - cut side down and leave. Do not disturb them or move them - they will take about 5 -7 minutes. If you move them before they are warmed through and have softened you run the risk for tearing them along the griddle line.

You can prepare the yogurt whilst the peaches are cooking. Tip the tub of yogurt in a bowl and mix in the sugar and vanilla.

Once your peaches are cooked, lay them in serving dishes. Spoon over some yogurt and then sprinkle on your muesli and nuts.

Finish with a drizzle of maple syrup..... perfect....

Have a good start to your week
Love Lizx

 Grilled Peaches