Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Cheesy Garlic Bread

Yesterday I was all ready to roll and tell you about this amazing cheesy garlicky bread I made at the weekend ....... the photo's were sorted, the recipe written and all was ready ....... except events got away from me and the day just vanished.

Do you get days like that? I just had a few days off at the end of last week, so we could have a long weekend away, and I came back to a mountain of paperwork and phone calls - all needing my attention that very moment!!!! really? is that so important it can't wait another day? Well apparently is all was very, very important and so my day vanished away to endless phone calls about insurance renewal quotes and new energy suppliers, etc...etc...etc...

However, today is all calm - and I can now tell you all about this amazing garlic bread - this is so, so good I will never have garlic bread any other way again.

I have always liked cheesy garlic bread since having slices at pizza hut in the early 90's - and I usually just cover slices of french bread with a garlic butter, then grate on some cheese - but this latest recipe goes just a few steps further - all adding to it's yumminess......

Recipe - serves 2

2 individual panini or ciabatta rolls
2 tablespoons mayonnaise
small bunch chives of a few spring onions
1 large fat clove garlic
4oz cheddar cheese - grated
1oz parmesan - grated
2oz mozzarella - grated
salt and pepper
few thyme leaves

Slice your rolls in half

Next you need to make up your cheese and garlic spread. Grab a bowl and mix together all the ingredients - except for a handful of the cheddar this will be for sprinkling on just before grilling and the thyme leaves

Once you have mixed it all together, season and then spread over the cut side of the rolls.

Sprinkle on the extra cheddar followed by the thyme leaves.

Place the rolls on a baking sheet and pop under a medium/high heated grill and cook for about 10 minutes - do not walk away and forget them - they will suddenly brown and the edges can burn really quickly! Although, the smell is so wonderful you will be physically unable to walk away - you will be routed to the spot, standing staring at them, willing them to be done.

Once you remove them from the grill leave to cool for a few minutes - so the cheese doesn't burn your mouth - and then cut and serve.......

We eat ours with a big bowl of tomato soup.....

Hope you have a good start to your week
Love Lizx

 Cheesy Garlic Bread