Friday, 14 August 2015

Cheats Mini Danish Pastries

There is nothing better than sitting outside on a lazy, sunny, Sunday morning sipping scolding hot cups of espresso and eating freshly made sweet pastries - it always reminds me of french holidays - and occasionally, probably as much as once a year!  I actually manage to do it!

Well, the previous Sunday was shaping up to be 'that Sunday' and I had everything I could need - coffee beans, cream, sunshine, nothing to do - but - ahh - no danish pastries - not even a frozen croissant hiding away in the corner of the freezer. I really, really didn't want to go out to the shops -but I really, really wanted a sweet pastry so making something was my only choice.

I thought about making up a batch of pancakes and when I went to the fridge I found the roll of puff pastry sitting there, leftover from my Tomato Tart. So I decided to have a go and make up some flaky,sweet danish style pastry.

And guess what I also decided to photograph my efforts to share with you ....... you luck things!

Warning - this is not my best photography ever - I think my eyes were still asleep - but you will get the gist and these were so yummy I just had to share them......

Recipe (such as it is!)

1 sheet of ready made puff pastry
a handful walnuts
a handful soft brown sugar
a handful demerara sugar
a handful candy peel
some salted Brittany butter
a teaspoon cinnamon
some maple syrup to finish.

The above are approximate - it's about what I used - adjust to your tastes and add other things - different nuts, dried fruits, cooked apple, fresh orange zest many different options!

Pre-heat oven 180C/ Gas 5

Simply flatten out your sheet of puff pastry and evenly scatter over all the ingredients - I started with the sugars, dotted the butter and then sprinkled over all the rest.

Now roll it all up into a long sausage and cut into bite size pieces. I made mine about an inch wide - really mini ones - but you can make them bigger if you wish.

Stand them upright and pop any filling that has fallen out back in.

Transfer to a lined baking sheet - I sprinkled a little more soft brown sugar and candy peel on the top before popping in the oven and cooking for 15-20 minutes until they have risen and the pastry has puffed and flaked.

On reflection I should had coated them with a little beaten egg before cooking just to give them a little more colour and gloss.

Once cooked remove from the oven allow to cool for a few minutes before drizzling a little maple syrup over the top.

Eat whilst they are still slightly warm and serve with scalding hot strong black espresso!

Liz x

 Mini Danish