Tuesday, 4 August 2015

A Birthday Gift.....

 Andrew was invited to a birthday picnic for one of his university colleagues on the weekend. And before he left, I made up a bag of freshly picked lavender as a gift.

Our garden is full of flowering lavender plants at the moment. So a simple gift of these seemed like a good idea.......the smell is amazing.....

Along with loads of bumble bees buzzing around them  -  I left the bag outside and the bees moved from the plants to the bag.

When I picked the flowers I made sure the stems were of different lengths to add height and depth to the arrangement. A simple paper bag adds a rustic style to the gift 

And the gift tag was decorated with four simple steams - with the flowers still in bud - held on with a tab of washi tape.

 Have you discovered washi tape yet? I love it - it originated from Japan and is made out of natural fibres so it's stronger than usual craft tape. You can get lots of different colour and designs - I use it all the time to add extra design touch to crafts and gifts. Google it - it's great!

Hope you all have a great day
Love Lizx

A quick snap of the birthday picnic in the park - Andrew's shadow getting in on the act!

Happy Birthday Kinga!