Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Some views from Bath

Here are a few pictures from a recent visit to Bath.

These are the building around a famous area of Bath called the Circus.

It's a perfectly round road, with a tree lined green in the middle, hence the name 'Circus'

I like to walk all around looking up at the buildings, their carvings and beautiful doors.

And then I walk around again looking down at all the basement and courtyard gardens....

Everyone, whilst the same size and shape, has been decorated differently....

I keep thinking that one day I will photograph each one and then publish a book of them.....

Once I've finished my second circle of the Circus I wander down one of the side roads to my favourite food shop in the whole of Bath - where I will have a coffee - and probably a cake - then I head back down through the town to the canal & our little flat.

Have a happy day

Love Liz