Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Scottish Smoked Salmon in a Creamy Dill Sauce

Just because we are camping doesn't mean I have to start cooking bangers and beans for every meal! Last night we decided to embrace the local Scottish cuisine and try some local smoked salmon.

There is a little shop near the campsite where they have a small, but good, selection of foods - the basics for a meal. So we filled our basket with the smoked salmon, an onion, some cream and much to my surprise, a fresh bunch of dill. Along with a packet of dry linguine - Andrew's idea, I wasn't sure what to have the creamy salmon with and was looking at some new potatoes when a packet of pasta landed in the basket - and headed back to the tent to cook our supper.

We have a simple but efficient twin burner gas stove to cook on and it's perfect for cooking simple meals whilst away - if we want anything more exciting to eat we choose to eat out - I am on holiday after all!

When we go away I always pack a few cooking essentials - a bottle of good extra virgin olive oil, a head of garlic, a block of Parmesan, a jar of chilli flakes, a jar Herb De Provence, sea salt, peppercorns, a jar Dijon mustard and a bottle of tomato sauce. With these extras I can usually lift just a few ingredients into something tasty.

So here's our recipe from last night......I say our not mine because when were away together cooking and shopping for ingredients is a big part of our time together. We love pottering around markets and farm shops looking for local fresh ingredients to make a meal.

Serves 2

150g smoked salmon
1 large onion
3 small courgettes ( mine were liberated from my mum's veg patch the night before!)
a small tub of single cream
large handful grated Parmesan
a large handful chopped dill
pinch chilli flakes
1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
salt & pepper

linguine - follow packet for amounts & cooking instructions.

Start of by chopping your onion and courgettes. We cut ours in to bite size chunks and then sauteed them together with some olive oil, in a non stick pan.

Whilst they are cooking cut the salmon into wide-ish slices, chop your dill and grate the Parmesan. Also put a pan of water on to boil and cook your pasta.

Once the courgettes and onion have softened add your cream and mustard followed by the Parmesan, chilli flakes, dill and then the salmon. Fold gently together and season with the salt and pepper. Leave it over a low heat until your pasta is cooked and then fold your drained linguine through the cream sauce and serve straight away.

If your sauce is too thick add a little of the pasta water to help thin it and if I was making this dish at home I would probably also add a little lemon zest to the sauce.

As I mentioned previously this would also go really well with some buttered new potatoes and maybe a few green beans. If I was going to serve the smoked salmon with potatoes I would keep the salmon in the large slices from the packet just to give the dish some substance.

Right now were off, with our packed lunch, to do some exploring and maybe find a coffee shop....

Have a great day

 Salmon and Cream