Monday, 20 July 2015

Off to Scotland.....

We're off - the car is packed full to bursting with all our camping stuff and enough clothing to cope with rain, snow, a heat wave and anything else Scotland has been known to throw at us in July......

It's the only holiday destination that requires I pack a hot water bottle, woolly hats and jumpers, factor 30 sun cream and my bikini!

Oh, and also a tonne of mossies cream (to ward off those pesky Scottish mosquitoes)

And as always I have my camera ........ so watch out - you have now been warned - holidays snaps coming your way.......

We set off at 4:30am, from my Mum's in Gloucestershire, and managed to reach Glasgow just before lunch!

So with our favourite Scottish music playing on the car stereo  (The Peatbog Faeries - if you haven't heard them go online and google them - you will not be disappointed!!) We entered the highlands and mountains - really mountains!

Some of them still had snow on the tops

You can just see the snow on the mountain in the middle

And I love the view of the peaks through the sun roof - after day one I had a crick in my neck from looking up and around for hours - what am I going to be like after a week?

If we get to our campsite by this evening I will be surprised - we keep stopping to look at the views..

Proof that it's hot and sunny in Scotland - I'm wearing summer clothes! - long may it last!

And these views are spectacular - I could just sit and stare for hours........ but we must keep going if we want to get to our campsite at Ardnamurchan.......

Finally we have pitch 25 on a little campsite on the Ardnamurchan peninsula ......... and it's beautiful - the views are fantastic, the site is quiet and there are no mosquito's ..... perfect!

The tent is up, chairs out and we have cracked open a bottle of whiskey to toast our arrival in Scotland.

We will spend a few days here exploring this area and then we plan to take the ferry over to the Isle of Mull and then on to Iona and maybe, if we have time, on to the Isle of Skye ........we will see........

Have a lovely day