Thursday, 30 July 2015

Laundry Day

Well we're back home. The car has been unpacked, the camping gear put away and I now have a great big pile of laundry gracing my kitchen floor.

How can two sensible, mature, intelligent adults ............ sorry let me start that again! .....How can two people create so much washing?? I could understand it when we went away with the boys - but not when it's just us - I'm sure we didn't take that many clothes with us........the only conclusion I can reach is we have another family's washing as well!

It's a beautiful sunny day today - with a light breeze - so the only plus point of doing the washing today is that I get to peg it outside on the line.....

I love seeing a line full of washing, especially if it's brilliant white bed linen and there is nothing like the smell of fresh crisp linens right off the line - I always think I sleep better on bedding dried outside......

Whilst I was pegging the first load I started thinking about all the different rules I have when putting the washing out - and also how irritated I get when I see someone 'doing it wrong'

- First after pulling the item out of the basket it must be shaken out and, in the case of t-towels and linen table cloths, pulled into shape to remove creases.

- Then turned the item the right way round - not inside out.

- Items must only have a small amount of fabric folded over the line - this ensures quicker drying

- Tops must be pegged along the bottoms and bottoms must be pegged along the tops

- All items must be facing the same way - preferably facing forward.

- A line prop should always be used to keep duvets and sheets from touching the ground.

- Socks should be pegged separately but next to it's pair.

- My peg basket must only have wooden pegs - no coloured plastic ones for me

- And never, ever will I peg my undies outside for all to see - I always remember, when I was a very little girl, the rather large lady next door used to peg out these enormous undergarments. They were a washed out pale pink/nude colour - I was absolutely transfixed by them!

 Now,  after all that I have probably convinced you that I suffer from some obsessive disorder......oh well perhaps I do......

Best get back to it - have a good day

all the images are taken from pinterest