Saturday, 13 June 2015

World Gin Day

                                                                                                              photo Alamy

I've just found out it's world gin day today!

Therefore in honour of one of my favourite tipples and because I live near Plymouth Gin .....

Here's a little twist on the usually G&T

50ml's Gin
some cucumber slices
approx 100ml chilled sparkling Elderflower champagne
(you could used elderflower cordial made up with tonic if you wish)
Sprigs of mint, some additional min leaves and lemon slices

Place the gin, cucumber and extra mint leaves into a jug and mix together for about a minute - make sure you bruise the min and knock the cucumber around a bit to release the flavours & juices. Strain into a couple of tall glasses, add a few ice cubes and then top with your elderflower champagne.

Garnish with your mint sprigs and a couple of lemon slices

sit back, kick off your shoes and enjoy.