Wednesday, 3 June 2015

The Awesome-est-ness of Blueberries

 I'm crediting these little blue guys as the reason I've trimmed up and got into a bit better shape.

About six months ago I decided that I just had to try and give up my sweet habit. Every lunch time I would buy a packet of sweets - be it chocolate buttons, jelly tots or haribo - I knew they weren't doing me any good - but I liked to have something to nibble on whilst working at my desk in the afternoon.

I tried buying nuts and dried fruit but they didn't really solve my sweet craving and then I bought a packet of blueberries and I have been hooked ever since. I buy one tub every lunch time and munch my way through the afternoon.

Not only are they really tasty - it does feels like I'm nibbling on sweets - and they do cut my sugar craving.

Another plus point - they are really healthy to eat being packed with vitamins, antioxidants and credited with all manner of health benefits - helping my memory, keeps skin looking radiant and young, helps eyesight and supposedly it's a cancer buster as well - who'd have thought that such a little berry could pack such a punch!

And after all that one thing I really like about blueberries - they are brilliant to cook with!

Here's a few of my top recipes......

 A Salted Blueberry Cake - one of the finest cakes on earth!

The classic breakfast of blueberry pancakes with cream cheese.......

A hot blueberry pudding - with ice cream of course!

And finally a simple blueberry upside down cake - is it a pudding? is it a cake? who knows, who cares when it tastes yummy.......

Well, have a great day I'm off to buy my blueberry fix......