Thursday, 11 June 2015

Super Skinny Parsnip Fries


We thought we'd ring the changes the other night and have a go at making super thin parsnip fries to go with our evening meal.

Andrew opted to make them - explaining that a) I'm dangerous around boiling oil, b) I'm a danger to myself with the 'sharp slicie gadget thing' for making the fries and c) he wanted to do it.......


I let him do it 

.........................and I took some photo's - whilst standing well back of course!.....

Recipe (such as it is!)

Parsnips - allow 2 or 3 per person
Rape seed oil

sea salt to season 

Peel your parsnips and slice really finely - we used my serrated peeler for making courgette noodles but you could used a sharp knife just make sure you cut them super thin

Get you oil heating and when it's really hot start to add your parsnips. Add them in small batches so you don't lower the oil temperature too much. We used a heavy based wok to cook the fries but you could use a large heavy based saucepan or a chip fryer if you have one.

 Let the parsnips fry for a few minutes - until they start to colour. We like to cook them until they are really rather brown and nearly burnt along some of the edges - it brings out the sugars in the parsnips and makes them sweeter.

Once your happy with them lift out and drain on some kitchen paper.

Sprinkle with sea salt and serve.

They will go really well with just about anything! We had them with a grilled pork chop - perfect.

And yes I did dip them in a little ketchup!

Have a good time today
Love Lizx