Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Seaside Cows!

On the weekend we decided to head 'down west' to our favourite area of headland in west Cornwall.

It's near Lands End and is beautiful - and quiet -  area of coast.

We walked the headland from the little village of Porthgwarra round to the coast guards station situated on the highest point along the coastal path -  sometimes, if visibility is good, we can see the Isles of Scilly on the horizon.

As well as trying to see Scilly we were hoping to catch a glimpse of the Cornish cough - a crow like bird with a red bill & legs. They are rather rare in Cornwall these days but sometimes we see them in this area.

We didn't see any - but much to our surprise we did stumble across a herd of cow's!

We were wandering along, looking at the view - well why wouldn't you!!! - look at it!!! magnificent!

When suddenly we were confronted by a herd of about 12 cow's all happily munching the grass in amongst the thrift flowers.

It all looked rather strange - I'm used to cows in fields.......with gates......to keep them in ...... and away from me!

Cows always look a bit too big and unpredictable  -  so I've always kept my distance!

Anyway today I had to be brave and walk past and through them - they took no notice of me.... at all! and carried on with their munching - not even stopping to admire the view!

Andrew wasn't worried - he just plowed on with his walking - in and through them!

After out long hike we took a quick break down in the thrift, soaked up some sun, then turned and headed back to - run the gauntlet of the cows again and maybe even to sight a cough!

Have a good time today
love Lizx