Tuesday, 9 June 2015

My Random Happy Moment

Do you have a random happy moment? A time and place that always makes you smile, feel at ease with yourself, positive and above all confident. 

I realised today where mine is. It's - and now promise you won't laugh - on a stretch of road, just outside the town where I work! - there I told you it would be totally random!

It a stretch of road that slightly curves off to the right and is up hill - so it feels like your sweeping through life and soaring towards the sky. There are fields and trees on either side and at the moment the hedgerows are full of wild flowers. 

It's strange but as soon as I hit that spot I feel instantly happy and looking forward to my day......I find myself smiling and singing along to the song on the radio - is that a little mad? a little crazy? maybe a little bit weird?

Anyway whatever it is and whatever it says about me, I'm happy I have my 'random happy moment' - especially as it's on the way to my office so sets me up for a positive start to my day.....

Have a great day and I hope you find your 'random happy moment'

Love Lizx

If your having trouble finding your 'random happy moment '