Friday, 5 June 2015

My only now lonely Auricula

This time of year, just outside my kitchen door, there should be loads of small terracotta pots full of flowering Auricula - all different colours and petal style - but unbeknown to me, over the winter their pots became water logged and every single one of them had rotted away!

I have been tending and nurturing them the same way for years - I though all was ok - but the drainage holes on their tray had become blocked and I didn't notice until it was all too late - sniff, sniff - They were all beautiful colours and styles - I will just have to start collecting them again.

photo's for inspiration from Patricia

So to kick off my new collection I picked up this beautiful bronze one last week.......


As it's my only one (so far) this year - I have placed it in the kitchen so I can admire it everyday...

On inspection there appears to be at least 3 or 4 plants in this pot! So when it's finished flowering I will divide them up and pot them on -  so my collection has already started and grown to four (or maybe 3)

Have a great weekend why not treat yourself to a plant!

Love Lizx