Thursday, 25 June 2015

Headland Wanderings


Thought today I would share some more of my pictures of our headland wanderings earlier this month - mainly to remind me that we do have sun sometimes in the UK!

Andrew features in most - sorry but I think he adds to the view - well for me anyway!

Thought these were seals until I got a closer look - 3 black labs enjoying a swim with their family.

Lots of  barking and splashing

This is why Andrew is always in the photo - otherwise he's directing where, what, and how!

I've decided I'm moving here!

5 people flopped off this boat and waded ashore - not sure why - no swimming or diving seemed to be involved!

They just slipped off the boat waded ashore and then walked up the beach !!!!!!!

...................... and then the boat left!

Oh well - each to there own I suppose.....

I haven't altered the colours on this photo - the sea really was this blue and turquoise

............ a few headland flowers to remind me of the day.....

Hope you all have a good day
Love Lizx

Can you believe this! all the directing wore him out!