Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Courgette Noodle Carbonara

Well this dish started life as a healthy take on one of my most-ist favourite dish. Until I remembered the cream in the fridge and dolloped a load in - but I still had substitute the courgette noodles for the pasta so I deemed that it was still a healthy option.......

Pasta Carbonara is my go to comfort dish. I usually have all the ingredients to hand and it's so quick and easy to do except if I allowed myself to eat it as much as I would like, I'd probably gain weight quicker than you can say 'fettuccine'

So in my quest to make my life a little healthier I decided to have a go with my usual recipe just with courgette noodles rather than pasta.

recipe - serves 4

4 large courgettes
2 leeks or 2 white onions
100g pancetta or smokey bacon - rind removed and sliced
100g parmesan or 50/50 pecorion/parmesan
2 cloves garlic - crushed
1 red chilli
1 glass white wine
100ml double cream
salt & pepper

First prepare your courgette noodles - you can either finely slice using a knife, cut into ribbons using a potato peeler or have a go with the fancy gadgets you can buy just for this job. I use a simple potato style peeler that has loads of little 'teeth' that will turn any vegetable (and your fingers) into long strips.

 Once you've prepared them all set them aside whilst you prepare your 'carbonara' sauce.

Chop your leeks or onions into thin slices

Heat some olive oil in a heavy based non stick pan and add your leeks. Cook gently until they soften - try not to let them colour too much.

Add your bacon or pancetta and continue to cook.

Once your bacon is cooked through add your crushed garlic, followed by the white wine. Let it all sizzle and then add your cream and the grated cheese. Give it all a good stir before adding your salt & pepper - remember the saltiness of the bacon so be sparing with extra salt.

Place it over a low heat and let it bubble quietly away whilst you cook your courgettes. If  the sauce is a little thick add some milk to thin it.

Heat a knob of butter and about a tablespoon of olive oil into a large non-stick pan ( I used my paella pan) and add your courgette noodles.

Cook them over a medium heat until they soften.

Whilst they are cooking slice your chilli, de-seed if you want less heat from them, I like it hot and spicy so I leave my chilli with them in!

When your courgettes start to soften add the chilli and cook for just a few more minutes.

Pour the carbonara sauce over the courgettes and gently fold through the noodles and it's all done.

Serve in warm bowls either on it's own or with a little green salad and maybe some garlic bread. Oh and a glass or two of white wine goes well with it too ................. what was that about healthy eating?!

Have a good day

 Courgette Noodle Carbonara