Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Lemon and Herb Butter

I love using herb butter as a flavour bomb for food. You can make up almost any combination of flavours and add a slice to anything from a jacket potato, to pasta, steak or even place under the skin of a chicken before roasting.

I first came across flavoured butters in France, where a few slices of a spicy mustard butter were placed on grilled steaks. The butter melted through the meat making it juicy and succulent - I was hooked from that day on. Since then I have made my own and keep bars of different flavoured butters in the freezer ready to add to any dish - they are a great way of spicing up some green veg or a bowl of microwaved peas.

One of the simplest butters is a lemon and herb.

Recipe - Make 250g bar.

1 pat unsalted butter - 250g
2 or 3 tablespoons of chopped herbs.
juice of a lemon
1 teaspoon sea salt
1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper

First of all make sure your butter is at room temperature and cut into large chunks.

Pop it all into a mixer and blend until it is all light and fluffy.

Next chop your herbs. I'm using chives but you could use any herbs you wish - parsley, tarragon, thyme - just remember if it's a powerful herb such as thyme or rosemary use a little less that a softer flavoured herb such as parsley.

Add the chopped herbs to your butter along with the lemon juice, sea salt and pepper. Make sure it's all combined well - sometimes the lemon juice can take a while to amalgamate.

Turn you butter mix out onto some grease proof paper and spread it out about an inch from the edge.
Fold the edge over onto the butter, then roll into a long sausage and wrap up the ends like a cracker.

Pop it into the freezer and it will be ready to use in about an hour.

Once the butter has hardened up you can slice it and add to whatever dish you like.......

I had some slice onto a nice gridded steak which I served with some green beans.

You can make up almost any combination of flavoured butter and there are no end of uses for them. I make up a few and keep them on the freezer - so I can just slice off a few rounds when I want....

Here are a few suggestions for flavours...

~ A plain garlic butter - good with anything from fish through to chops, mashed potato or veg.

~ Chilli flakes - great on steak or boiled runner beans

~ A spoonful of  wholegrain mustard - again good with steaks or pork chops

~ Lemon & Dill - perfect on any white fish

~ Cinnamon - lovely on toasted muffins or pancakes (1 teaspoon is enough for 250g butter)

~ Or how about a maple syrup for blueberry breakfast pancakes (1 tablespoon to 250g butter)

If your going to store your butters in the freezer make sure you place them in a sealed bag or container - sometimes the strong flavours - such as garlic - can spread to other items in there ...... garlic flavoured ice-cream is just yucky!!!

Just a few ideas - be creative and think up some of your own...

Have a really great day - enjoy that sunshine
Love Lizx

 Herb butter