Thursday, 12 March 2015

Pork Chops with a Truffle Stuffing

I've always cooked a roast meal on a Sunday. When the boys were young we would have a proper sit-down, round the dinning table, roast lunch with all the works and a good old fashioned pudding to finish. Since they have moved on with their lives, Andrew & I have migrated to having a roast evening meal which gave us more time during they day to do stuff.........and it left me with loads of cold meats to use up during the following week (Andrew would like me to point out that he also no longer had a 'good old fashioned pudding made for him either!)

Now our lives have changed again, with Andrew often up in Bath during the week and I don't want to be left facing a load of cold meat all week - I know I can freeze it but honestly, I already have a freezer full of the stuff so that's no longer an option until we have used all of it up - so I have started looking at alternatives that feel like we have had a roast meal, giving all the flavours and textures you would get if you cooked a joint of meat but not leaving me with loads of left-overs to uses up - so these stuffed chops were really rather good......

Recipe - serves 2

4 large loin pork chops
a couple slices of day old bread
a handful of soft 'ready to eat' prunes (I used about 6)
2 sticks celery
a bunch of flat leaf parsley - a good handful when chopped
1 egg
salt & pepper
half teaspoon truffle oil - add more if you want a stronger flavour
2 slices smoked back bacon
1 onion - sliced with skin on
Little olive oil
some string - suitable for cooking such as cotton string - not blue string like Bridget Jones!

For a sauce (optional)

a little white wine (about half a glass)
1 tablespoon creme fraiche
1 teaspoon Dijon mustard

Pre-heat oven to 200C/Gas 6

First of all lets make the stuffing. Simple grab your food processor and chop it all up. You could do this by hand but this is easier. First make up the breadcrumbs, then add the celery followed by the prunes and then the parsley. It's important to do it in this order otherwise you can get a bit of a stick mess around the mixer! You could, as I did, chop each separately and then bring it all together in a bowl.....

Add your egg, along with some salt & pepper....

And then add your truffle oil - you should know how strong it is - so adjust the volume to your tastes

Mix it all together to form moist paste.....

Lay your chops out and cover 2 of them with the stuffing mix.....

Place the other chops on top to sandwich the stuffing. Fold and lay the bacon on the top of the pork and then tie 2 lengths of string tightly around to hold it all together......

Now grab a deep sided roasting tin or dish - a casserole will be fine - and lay your slice onion in the bottom. Give a slug of olive oil over them and then place the chops on top, followed by a little more olive oil and then some seasoning.....

Pop in the oven and cook for about 25-30 minutes. About the same time as it takes to roast up some potatoes and a few parsnips......

When the chops have browned and are cooked right through move them to a warm plate or a covering of foil. Pour out some of the fat from the pan and then you can then make a little sauce with the remaining juices - just pop the pan on the stove and, when it's spitting, add in a good slug of white wine, give it all a good stir with a wooden spoon to get the tasty bits off the bottom, then add a table spoon of creme fraiche and a teaspoon of Dijon mustard. Give it all a stir and thin with a little water if needed. Serve the sauce in a jug at the table.

We served ours with baked mushrooms and a salad. But any green vegetables, roast or boiled potatoes would work well along with a little apple sauce - just like any traditional roast meal......

Hope you liked that - have a great day

 Stuffed chops