Friday, 20 March 2015

An Eclipse and Homemade Moon Pie Biscuits

We've just had a partial Eclipse of the sun - it finished a moment ago and I loved it!

I was in work - well standing outside my office - and it's a sunny spring morning in a very quite Tavistock and the atmosphere when the sun started to disappear was magical. As the moon passed between us and the sun the birds start to go quiet, the light starts to dim and a cooler feel come into the air.

The sun is fully out now and the town is coming to life - it's usually really busy here on a Friday, with everyone getting ready for the weekend and buying fruit & veg from the Friday market in the square. But it was nice to have a quiet start and feel like we had the town centre to ourselves for a change.

So to celebrate the Eclipse I though we should have a quick homemade moon pie recipe......

Recipe - makes about 24

1 mix of cookie dough - I used my basic recipe minus the apricots & oatmeal
1 tub of marshmallow fluff
a bowl of melted dark chocolate - about two bars worth

- if you don't want the hassle of cookie making just buy a packet of your favourite sweet biscuits

Simply make up your cookies (and allow them to cool) or open a packet of biscuits. Sandwich two together with the marshmallow fluff and then, fully or partially, coat each sandwich with the melted chocolate - leave to cool and there you have it - homemade moon pie......

Have a great weekend
Love Lizx