Wednesday, 11 March 2015

A Vital Life Skill

I didn't feel like posting a recipe today.......I have a number lined up for you, but today I couldn't bring myself to edit photo's of sausages, lamb kebabs and asparagus at 7:00 am this morning.........I know I should have done it last night but I had some serious TV catch-up to do and a new book to read....oh! and a good red wine to sample....

So instead, I thought I would pass on a link to an article -  I read this one lunch time when I was attempting to 'improve my mind' but ended up reading the lifestyle section of the Guardian instead.

I have been making a special effort to try and keep up with current affairs since my youngest stepson has been showing a lot of interest in 'world affairs' and my recent attempts to understand/discuss with him on what is 'really happening' in Syria exposed undeniable vagueness in own grasp of the situation.....although current efforts to improve my understanding have, so far, failed.......

So, anyway, back to the article I originally mentioned (which, I must admit, that before youngest stepson became obsessed with politics was a vital life skill he had down to a fine art) The article was all about the 'art of doing nothing' and (my favourite line coming up) 'Assuming you're not dead, you're always doing something - even if your savouring the pleasures of idleness...' this sentence caught my eye and I thought I'd pass is on to you......

Have a great day

(click on this cute guy for the article)


Gosh I wish I could relax like this - splinters could be a problem though!

(my Kuala pictures are from google images don't know who took them to credit - so if you do - tell me & I will)