Monday, 2 February 2015

Sticky Pork with Noodles


Wow, I had the best weekend. It was so gentle & calm - we had nothing important to do, had now where we were meant to be, there was no one who needed (or wanted for that matter) to see us so we were able to just mooch around the house and do our own thing - watch a bit of telly, do a little reading and just enjoy the simple things in life.......

Sometimes, simple is best.....

Usually, simple is best.......

Often, simple is best  - especially with food - keep it simple & let the main ingredients speak for themselves!

And sometimes, simple is all I want - the other evening I really fancied a supper that included noodles - and you can't get simpler than noodles! - so I made a quick & tasty pork dish - it was just what I needed.

Recipe - serves 2
2 pork loin chops - sliced
1 tsp fresh ginger - sliced into thin strips
2 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp clear honey
pinch five-spice powder
1 clove garlic - cut into thin strips
some steamed broccoli florets
few spring onions shredded
some chilli flakes - just a few  (depends how hot you want it!)
a glug of rape seed oil

Some egg noodles - as much as you want - cooked to the packets instructions.

First make your sticky sauce - mix the soy, honey, five-spice and half the ginger in a bowl. Add your pork strips - give it all a good mix and set aside.

If you haven't already done so steam your broccoli and start your noodles cooking.

Heat the rape seed oil in a wok or heavy based pan, and add your remaining ginger and garlic to the oil and give it a quick stir, add your pork strips and continue to cook over a high heat. The strips will be cooked through in a matter of moments - then add your spring onions and chilli flakes.

Give it all a good stir.

Place your drained noodles in a bowl

then place your pork strips and broccoli on top and serve - as I said a very simple meal. If you have cooked your broccoli before starting this dish - give it a quick heat up in the microwave or a gentle turn in the wok with the pork.

I don't add any salt or pepper to this dish - the soy sauce adds enough salt and the five-spice is all that's needed for seasoning - but feel free to add some salt & pepper if you wish.....

 sticky pork

I got a bit carried away with my camera before cooking this dish - my Japanese friend brought me back a few things from her recent trip home and a newspaper was used to protect them - the beautiful rice bowl and chopsticks was just so photogenic place on it I had to take some pictures!.................

Obviously I have no idea what the paper actually says! I just hope it's not an offencive article or some suspect advert!!

Have a good start to the week