Thursday, 22 January 2015

Sea, Sand and Sun (well just a little bit!)

 There is something hardwired into the DNA of all people who live in Cornwall. At some point, at least twice a month, we have to go down-to-the-sea! It doesn't matter if it's raining, it doesn't matter if it's windy, it doesn't matter if it's doing both! There is just something in us that knows it's time and you just have to get in the car and go.....

This happened to us last Sunday morning, we were just finishing our breakfast and Andrew announced that we needed to 'go-to-the-sea' so off we went - to one of our favourite beaches and cliff walks - Daymer Bay.

At Daymer Bay you can walk along the beach, when it's low water, to a little village called 'Rock'. In the summer it's a popular place for tourists but this time of year it was mainly us locals & their dogs.

When you get to Rock you can choose to catch a little ferry over to Padstow - this used to be a small fishing village but now it's become very popular, thanks to a famous chef living there. He's opening loads of restaurants, cafes & fish bars in the town!..........Mind you his fish and chips are excellent!

However, it was really, really and I mean really cold - I had to wear my Christmas hat to stay warm!

But I'm still smiling so it couldn't of been that bad!.....

So we decided not to brave the ferry - instead we walked along the beach to a little sea front cafe for lunch and then headed back to the car - over land because the tide came in whilst we were eating!

Just to warm me up ......... here's what Daymer Bay looks like in the hot, sunny, Cornish summer!!!

 Daymer Bay

So that should have satisfied our sea craving for a little while!