Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Pork Chops with Mushrooms

Today's recipe is more about the mushrooms than the pork but, as with all post titles, the meat some how manages to muscle in first......I suppose I could of called it 'Mushroom Sauce served with a Pork Chop' or 'A Mushroom Sauce for Pork' but well it doesn't read right - does it (?!) so the meat comes first on this blog!

Well, anyway back to the dish, this is one of my favourite ways of cooking and serving chops or small cuts of meat - making the sauce in the same dish that you've cooked the meat - it brings all the flavours together and also cuts down on the washing up - something, I'm sure Andrew is eternally grateful for!

I love making 'pan sauces' - picking up all the flavours of the meat along with the sticky, gooey goodness from the bottom of the pan. This sauce is extra tasty because of it -with the richness of the mushrooms and the white wine adding sweetness it was simply delicious. I also didn't use any flour to thicken the sauce, letting the liquid evaporate and intensifying the mushroom flavour. So it's a good gluten free dish as well!

Here's what I did......

Recipe - serves 2

2 large pork chops - bone on or off it's up to you
10oz sliced closed cap mushrooms
1 large white onion - sliced
half glass white wine
half pint chicken stock
1 teaspoon dijon mustard
a large handful of chopped flat leaf parsley
salt & pepper

Pre-heat your grill to a medium high setting

Grab yourself a heavy based pan that can go under the grill and also on your hob. Pour a good slug of olive oil in the base and add your chops. Roll them around in the oil to coat both sides and then grind on some black pepper - place under a hot grill and cook for about 7 to 10 minutes on both sides - until the pork is cooked through and the fat has started to brown & crisp.  Obviously the timings will depend on the size of the chops your cooking - just make sure they are cooked right through.

When your chops have cooked, remove from the pan and set aside - wrapped up in foil to keep them hot & succulent.

Whilst your chops are cooking prepare your sauce ingredients - slice your onions & mushrooms and chop your parsley.....

So, once your chops are done, remove from the pan and drain off any excess oil - you need to leave about 2 tablespoons in the pan to cook the onions in.......

Pop your pan on to the hob ......

add your onion and saute until they have softened and then add your wine. Use the liquid to scrape-up the flavours from the bottom of the pan...

and then add the chicken stock. Get it all bubbling .....

Now add your mushrooms and parsley to the pan. Give it all a good stir and leave it to reduce and the mushrooms to cook down.....

 You want your mushrooms to really cook through and to colour. Now add your dijon mustard along with some salt & pepper.

 After about 10 minutes the liquid will have reduces and the mushrooms will have taken on a glazed glossy look...

Arrange your chops on to serving plates and spoon the mushroom sauce over the top.

 pork and mushrooms

I served ours with steamed broccoli and parsnip mash........ it was really excellent! very tasty.

This is a good mid week meal and could be adapted for something a bit posher with more fancy veg or even serve the sauce with a roast pork joint......

Anyway, have a great Wednesday