Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Dress My Tech for 2015

I like to switch things around, change up how things are and freshen up looks in everything - the house, my clothes, the garden and even favourite recipes - finding simple ways to 'ringing the changes' gives everything a bright new look and feel - I find it lifts my spirits and energy levels.

And all my tech stuff  doesn't escape either........ 

I started off with these pink themed designs at the beginning of last year. But then I got board and decided to go for a change.......

I went to new colourful images  - still with the pink - but it was all a bit too bright - even to brighten up the start of winter.......it startled me every time I opened up my mac!

So, I currently have this blue theme going on - but they say a change is as good as a rest, so I thought I'd switch it all up a bit for the New Year and go for the latest designs on designlovefest

I just love the Japanese ladies in their kimono's and also the mauve strips. So I'm having the stripes on the ipad & my phone and the Japanese lady design on the Mac......but I also like the city one so that may have to be a screen saver somewhere......

Have a great Tuesday