Thursday, 8 January 2015

A Little Bit of Healthy....

Everyone I bump into either seems to be suffering from a cold or talking about dieting after 'all their indulgence over Christmas'!

All my colleagues at work are dieting.......and it's all they talk about!!!!!!!

I'm starting to feel like the odd one out.........or are they trying to tell me, subtly, that I should be on one too?

......Well my trousers still fit .......         so I'm sure I'm OK .......               no I'm not getting on the scales........

Anyway, after yesterdays post there were a number of comments that it wasn't helpful to those 'on-a-diet' (yes I did air quote !!) that I was shoving pictures of lovely pate under their noses - so today I thought I would point out some of my lovely, healthy, fairly low cal salads that I have featured over the last few months....

So for all you healthy ones, and those of you who need a pick-me-up to get over your sniffles, here are a few of my favourites....

Just a simple but very tasty tomato salad - a great side dish for a simple piece of fish or chicken.
 It's also really good just popped on top of some cold rice or bulgar wheat

Another good simple green salad you can leave out, or just decrease, the amount of 
blue cheese and mayo in the dressing to make it even more low cal

This mackerel salad is a meal on it's own and it's jam packed with loads of good vitamins and healthy stuff 
 The oranges will give you a healthy kick of vitamin C with the red onions giving you some antioxidants...

This beetroot salad is a bit of a fiddle if you boil your own beetroots
 but you can now buy ready boiled and grated beets in most supermarkets
 - so that takes out the hassle and beetroot is so good for you

                                                                          .......if you don't mind pink pee!

This is one of my favourites - a fennel salad especially if it's served with a grilled steak.
 It's so crunchy and filling that it's really all you need to accompany a simple grilled chop or fillet.

and last, but by no means, least my pomegranate salad - this is my go to dish at the moment.
 So pretty and tasty. Pomegranate is just packed with goodness that it's good to add to any salad.

So I hope that has helped all you dieters out there! and anyone feeling a bit under the weather.

Stay warm and dry today

well that was a really colourful post - brightens up a dull, rainy day!