Monday, 29 December 2014

What to do with all those leftovers....

If your anything like me you've now got a fridge full of cooked meats and vegetables. You (and everyone else in the house) are now sick to the back teeth of cold cuts served with bubble & squeak and really can't face another spin on a turkey curry. So I'm going to spend the rest of the day pulling all the remaining meat off the turkeys (yes Turkeys! I seem to have inherited Mum & Dads leftovers as well!) and another joints of meat to freeze for later use.

However, I do have a family meal to cook tonight and there has been a request for my Turkey & Ham pie to be served with a 'big bowl' of french fries so that will take care of a good portion of the meat! I will also be giving them a pot of my bubble n'squeak and maybe a salad so there's some healthy stuff there as well - after all the rich food over Christmas I'm craving a fresh bowl of salad!

Here's my spin on bubble & squeak. I don't fry it up in a pan but bake it with a cheese crust - it's absolutely yummy and always gets eaten up! - this dish is also really low maintenance letting you get on with the rest of the meal and chat to your family & friends - I often serve it at a buffet to have with cold cuts and relish/chutneys.

To make my bubble and squeak just grab all your cooked leftover vegetables along with any bread sauce/stuffing, and cut it all up into bite size pieces. Any vegetables you've cooked in a sauce can also be added - sauce included - and then give it all a good mix together. Now squirt in a good dollop of chilli sauce, season with salt & pepper and pop it all into an oven proof dish. Next grate on a load of cheddar cheese and if you have any bacon left from your roast turkey, break it into bits and add to the cheese topping. Bake in an oven for about 40 minutes (180C/gas 4) - check its piping hot in the middle - and serve.

You can also add fresh herbs, extra mushrooms, tomatoes, or top with rings of goats cheese - really anything else lurking in your fridge that takes your fancy - I've even mixed in a healthy lump of cranberry sauce and it worked really well!

Have a good peaceful start to your week