Thursday, 18 December 2014

Walnut and Celery Coleslaw

I was talking to my Dad the other evening and, as always seems to happen, I was asked 'what are you having for tea?'

This is a question I get asked a lot - and I mean A LOT! - and not just by my family, but friends and work colleagues as alike.......usually it's the parting question as I leave work....

.....I'm never sure if they are really interested, whether they are trying to catch me out and see if it's just beans on toast, or if they are endeavouring to find out what I'm taking home in my shopping bag.......anyway, I always like to watch their eye's glaze over as I eulogise about the lovely aubergine I just found in the veg shop or the beautiful piece of fish from the fish mongers...... and how I'm going to cook it......

Well, back to my conversation with Dad -  I explained to him that I was baking a jacket potato and I was going to fill it with a nut and celery coleslaw I had just made - it sounded so nice as I repeated my recipe that I thought I would take a few quick picture and give you all my recipe as well.....

Ingredients - serves 2

a quarter of a crisp white cabbage
1 pear (or apple)
squeeze of a lemon
a good handful of walnuts - break them up it they are large ones
a good handful of raisins
a few sticks celery
1 teaspoon dijon mustard
2 tablespoons mayonnaise
2 tablespoons natural yogurt
salt & pepper

Grab a chopping board and shred your cabbage - it's up to you how thick you want your slices - I like a good crunch so keep mine quite chunky but you can go as fine as you like....

Pop the cabbage in a large mixing bowl and then slice you celery and pear into bite size pieces. Add these to the bowl. Next squeeze over your lemon juice - this adds a lovely fresh flavour and also stops your pear (or apple) browning.

Now add all your other ingredients and mix well. I like to add loads of black pepper but again, that's up to you.

Leave it to stand in the fridge for about half an hour, for the flavours to mingle, and then it's ready to go....

You can serve it as a side dish to any meal, use it as a topping for jacket potatoes or even, as I have done, spoon it into a crispy little gem lettuce leaf and serve it as a starter!

You can also add loads of different ingredient such as fresh green chilli, spring onions, carrot, different nuts and seed or dried fruit - whatever you wish really!


Have a great Thursday
Love Lizx