Monday, 8 December 2014

Comfort Food

We had the removers in over the weekend taking away our old piano - no one ever played it anymore and it just sat in the corner of the room brooding and sulking - it's now gone to a new home, for a little girl to learn to play, so it should be happy again.....

Anyway - why did the removal men have to open all the doors to get it out and, wow, it was really, really cold this weekend. After they had gone we had to light the big wood burner to get the house warmed right through - it's a bit of a monster and eats loads of wood so we really warmed up by bringing in baskets full of logs.....

When we had the fire roaring, and the house heating through nicely, there is nothing quite like a comforting meal and a simple one tray bake was just what I had in mind....and frankly anything with the word bake in the title immediately makes me think of comfort food...

I had a load of herby chipolatas in the fridge and gathered together some shallots, herbs, potatoes and a mini pumpkin that's been sat in the veg tray since Halloween!

Ingredients - served two

1lb chipolatas - or any sausage you wish
1 mini pumpkin
about 8 smallish potatoes - I used maris pipers
8 banana shallots
4 large cloves garlic
bay leaves
Fresh rosemary sprigs
Stilton cheese
Chilli flakes
Salt & pepper
Olive oil
Pre heat oven to 180C / gas 4

a large baking tray

Slice the pumpkin into inch size wedges and cover with some olive oil, some rosemary leaves, chilli and seasoning......

Do the same for the potatoes - except don't chop them up - leave them whole.....and then work your way through all the other ingredients doing the same thing - adding each to the baking tray as you go.

You could just through all the ingredients into a big bowl together and mix but I like to make sure everything gets covered in the oil & seasonings and this way I know they have......

Tuck in the bay leaves and any extra rosemary you have and pop in your pre-heated oven for 30- 40 minutes - check your potatoes are cooked through and foil over the dish if it starts to catch before everything is cooked through.....

Once everything is done cut a cross into the top of your potatoes and give then a quick squeeze to open them up ( protect your hands when you do this!) then add a knob of butter to each one, follow by a slither of stilton (or any other blue cheese you wish!) I also sprinkled some slithers of stilton over the rest of the bake....

and now it's ready to serve with either a green salad or some hot buttered greens - we had some kale..... the colours all looked really good on the plate!

Hope that wet your appetite and gives you a good start to your week!

Have a lovely Monday