Monday, 24 November 2014

Mexican Bean Wrap

Ok, let's start the week with something healthy and then we can go downhill from there - and with that way of thinking - hopefully, we can end the week with something full of calories and sinfully delicious!

We had a fantastic weekend it was jam packed with loads of things - something's we needed to do, something's we felt like we should do and a few thing's we wanted to do such as visiting a food fair (sorry forgot to take my camera!) and also picking out our christmas tree 

However, we also ate loads of yummy but calorie packed foods so healthy is they way to go today.....

Last week I made up some Mexican bean paste for wraps and today I have a lovely wrap all waiting in my fridge at work for my lunch. I love these wraps and make them up for a treat every now and again. They are really filling and one at lunchtime will stop any chance of snacking before my evening meal which is pretty unusual let me tell you!.....

So, here's how to make it and as usual it's simplicity itself.....

For the bean paste (makes enough for 6 very full wraps)

200g black eyed beans
200g red kidney beans
1 teaspoon ground coriander
1 teaspoon ground cumin
1 teaspoon hot sweet paprika
A large bunch fresh coriander
Juice of 1 lime
Sea salt crystals - I used Maldon

For the wrap
6 whole grain large wraps
Sour cream
Spring onions - chopped
Hot sweet chilli sauce
Sprouting seeds
Tomatoes - chopped
Avocado - chopped
Grated hard cheese - such as cheddar
Some rocket or any other salad leaf

Drain and rinse your beans - I used tinned - you are more than welcome to use dried beans and soak & boil them if you wish - I used to do all that but realized, when I hit my thirties, that life was too short and tinned beans were fine ....

Pop the beans in a bowl, add the spices and salt - give it all a good mix...

and then add the coriander.....I used two big handfuls of fresh leaves but adjust it to your taste - a small amount is fine - none is also fine! however, loads could be a bit much.....

Now throw it all in to your mixer .... I could have done this from the start and not put it all in a bowl first!

and give it a good pulse........ (ha ha get it! - sorry I promise that will be my only joke this post)

Now add your lime juice.....

and whizz until you form a paste, check the consistency and if it's too tough add a little olive oil - I needed to add about a tablespoon to this mix but it seems to vary each time.

That's your paste made - simple. Now, if you don't need it all that day, it will keep in the fridge for a few days but it also freezes really well. I like to freeze it in individual portion sizes so I can get it out the night before to make up a wrap for work the next day.

To make your wrap.....these fillings are my suggestion but you can add other bits such as raw sweet peppers, chopped or grated beetroot, grated carrot etc, etc - whatever rocks your boat really.....

Mix together your shoots and bean paste....ready to add to your wrap and gather all your other fillings..

I like to warm my wrap - either for a few seconds in the microwave or on a hot griddle for a minute or so.....then lay it out on a board or large plate...

Now layer up your ingredients - I start with the sour cream (that I've mixed with the chopped spring onions) followed by a big squirt of chilli sauce; then the bean pasted; chopped tomato & avocado and to finish the rocket leaves and grated cheese. Make sure you pile it all up nearer one edge than the other so it's easier to roll up....Roll it up, cut in half and enjoy.....

You can also thin this bean paste down with a little bit of water and it makes a fantastic dip for tortilla chips.

Sorry Mum, I know you don't like pulses - I should have told you to look away now when I started this post......

Hope you all have a great start to you week

Love Lizx