Friday, 7 November 2014

Birthday Cupcakes

I have already moved on from yesterday's healthy eating post - today is all about can thank me later..........

As is probably tradition through out all offices and business, when it's your birthday you bring the cakes. So, as it's my birthday this week, I duly made some cupcakes and brought them in to feed my colleagues.

Now, I don't make things like puddings and cakes very often. In fact when I was working as a chef I positively ran away from patisserie much preferring to work with savoury instead - I hate all that sugar spinning & fancy fiddle stuff pastry chefs do!

.......... but when I do decide to bake a cake I go 'all out' and do it properly.

So I decided to make some 'chocolate fudge cupcakes with a toffee centre and whipped butter cream topping'

Here's what I did........

Makes 24 cupcakes

8oz butter (at room temperature)
8oz sugar (2oz soft brown sugar, 6oz caster sugar)
2 large tablespoons shop bought mayonnaise
6oz SR Flour
2oz cocoa powder
1 teaspoon baking powder
4 eggs
Half a batch of chocolate fudge topping
3 tubes rolos
for icing
4oz butter
12oz icing sugar
2oz cream cheese
Vanilla essence

cake cases & muffin tins

pre-heat oven 180C / Gas 4

First thing you need to do is the night before your planned baking throw the rolos into the freezer. This stops them from melting away to nothing when your cakes are's actually a good idea to put them in there as soon as you get home from the shops - no one will sneak them from the freezer! .................Unless you have someone in your family who is just like a friend of mine - he was in the special services in the Army and when he was diployed to anywhere cold he would always take rolos with him - apparently 'you can still get a sugar hit even when they are frozen and it's easy to break them off the tube with bulky gloves on your hands!'........the differnt food types he took, and why, was a constant source of wonder to me.........

First measure out your ingredients - sift the flour, coco powder and the baking powder together

 weigh out & mix the sugar together

Then get out you mixer (or beaters or bowl & wooden spoon - whatever rocks your boat cake mixing wise!)
Chop up your butter into cube and place in your mixer..........or bowl......

next add the sugar and then beat together to form a creamy mixture

now add your mayonnaise - this might sound gross but it is only really eggs & oil and it does make the cake more moist & fudgey

You can see it really makes the mixture creamy....

now break the eggs into a bowl

mix them together with a fork....

so that all the yolk & whites have combined....

Start to add the eggs, a little at a time to your butter/sugar/mayo mix

If it starts to curdle just add a little flour to stabilise it.....

when it's all combined add your flour/coco ....

and fold in - don't beat for too long you will knock out all the air.... (yes there is a finger print in the mix I was testing the consistency - honest!!)

Place your cake case into a muffin tin....

divide your mixture amongst the cases - I added roughly 2 tablespoons per case...

now remove the rolos from the freezer and add one to each of the cupcakes. Place into the preheated oven for 20 minutes - until the sponge is firm & springy to the touch....

Whilst they are baking make up your butter cream

weigh out all your ingredients and add to a bowl - sift the icing sugar to remove any lumps...

cream all together and then add a teaspoon of vanilla essence. Set aside for use when the cakes are cool.

When your cakes are cold to the touch. You can start icing.....

I had some choc fudge icing leftover from the treats I made last week so a dessert spoon of that was added to each cake first.....

This was followed by the butter cream. Half I iced with a star nozzle & made a proper piping bag and everything! but the others I just did a swirl of icing with a tablespoon. I finished them off with a dusting of coco powder.

(the posh ones when to work and Andrew stole the others to take to the university. He clams they were for his colleagues but I'm not so sure........)

So here's what they look like inside - when you bite into them you get a load of moist fudge cake, followed by a toffee centre along with all that lovely creamy topping........Mmmm

Have a great weekend - I'm not planning on blogging anything next week - I have a week away from home visiting my Parents in the Cotswolds but I'm taking my camera & computer so you never know I may feel the urge and write something up........

See you all soon
Liz x
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