Monday, 17 November 2014

A Visit to the Cotswolds

Last Monday Andrew and I bounced out of bed - at an ungodly hour (it was still dark!!!) - and headed off to the Cotswold's with the aim of seeing family (for both of us), do a bit of shopping (me), take in some sights (me) wander a few museums (me) and do some work (Andrew! definitely not me I was on holiday!)

My main aim was to visit Bath.

Andrew now lives and works in Bath, at the University, for part of the week and when I can fit it around work, it's great for me to join him - so I can wonder around and enjoy this lovely City. This time I decided to educate myself and spend a major part of my visit at the Fashion Museum.

The fashion museum is housed in the Assembly Rooms - those of you who are familiar with Jane Austin will know all about this building - and from what I could glean on my visit - it is where the great & the good of the 18th Century could meet, play cards, drink tea, be seen, enjoy music and dance - generally they seemed to walk about (all the better to show off their dress) to talk & flirt!

The building was magnificent and the decor beautiful - I was the only visitor there on Monday morning so had the whole place to myself which only magnified the size & height of the rooms. I indulged myself and 'took tea' in the refectory, again all by myself, which allowed me to sip my drink whilst wandering the room admiring the intricate mouldings and paintings decorating the walls. Probably not something a lady of that period would do - walk & take tea - but who said I was a lady!

Sufficiently refreshed by my tea and cakes I moved on to the Fashion exhibition. Most of the displays were Georgian and 'very Jane Austin' .........

You will have to excuse my photography - it's very low light in the museum to protect the fabric.......

I loved all the fashion & designs although I think I prefer the 18th Century to the 20th - I'm embarrassed to think that I used to wear some of the styles on display from the 70's & 80's!!

And I wasn't too sure about their dress of the year - may of worn the hat but the rest of it not so sure.... they probably wouldn't have it in my size anyway ...... phew lucky escape there!!

However, I did love the hats,  I felt all Lydia Bennet when I tried them on - could of easily drifted into Pride & Prejudice - now where's that Mr Darcy...........