Friday, 10 October 2014


October means an abundance of squash - pumpkins everywhere - the farmers market last week was full of them - all different sizes shapes & colour - here are a few ...........

I always seem to gravitate towards pumpkin stores, this time of the year, at the local farmers market and feel the need to pick up & look at all the different shapes and sizes - except those massive orange things - I really do not get the 'lets grow the biggest one possible' thing but each to their own.
 Anyway, I always cart a few prime specimens home to cook with,  or carve them, or just place them around the house to decorate...

if your feeling in need of soup my butternut squash recipe lends itself really well to pumpkin or you can check out the link to the site below to see how these pumpkins were carved.

Andrew is the great pumpkin carver in this house so hopefully he will be inspired this year to produce something stunning!............we will have to see......

Janice on her blog post shows how she carved these beautiful designs

Check out my pinterest site for more ideas & picture


Have a great weekend 
Love Lizx