Monday, 20 October 2014

Pears & Bacon

I don't know where I got the idea for this dish - I can remember serving it up for a starter a few Christmases ago and I can only surmise that it was because I had bacon, pears and feta in the fridge...

............  and thought ' hey - they would go together'

                                   ........ well, however I came up with the recipe, we've stuck with it and every now and again it re appears as a starter or light lunch.

Anything wrapped in bacon takes on a new yuminess and these pears are no exception......

You will need:-

1 pear per person
1 rasher of smoked bacon per pear
250g square feta
Some Olive Oil
Fresh thyme leaves

to serve
Green salad leaves
Stilton ( or another blue cheese)
Olive oil or french salad dressing

Pre heat oven to 190C / Gas 5

Select your pears they can be any variety but should be firm to the touch. I have use conference pears this time but have used William and Comice pears with excellent results.

Split your pears in half lengthwise and, using a teaspoon remove the core and gently pull out the stringy section that leads to the stalk.

 Lay the pear halves on a baking sheet

and add a lump of feta to the centre of each one  - I like to use feta because it holds it's shape when baked not melting and spilling out of the pear.

Put the pears in the fridge whilst you prepare the bacon.

I used some fantastic dry cured smokey bacon from our butchers for this recipe. I have tried it with unsmoked but find you do need that smokey taste to make this dish work.

Remove the rinds

Now taking a rasher at a time and spread them out on a chopping board. You then need to  run a knife over them to stretch the bacon out.

Here you can see how much the rasher can stretch out and this way it's easier to wrap around the pear.

Lay your rasher out and place the pear in the centre

Wrap the bacon around the pear and place on your baking sheet

Drizzle with olive oil and the fresh thyme leaves

Place in your preheated oven for about 40 minutes.

They are done when the bacon is crispy and the pears are still firm to the touch but cooked through.

Serve on a bed of green salad with chunks of blue cheese and drizzle with olive oil or french vinaigrette.

This makes a simple but impressive starter or a yummy light lunch.

Have a wonderful Monday
 bacon and pears