Monday, 27 October 2014

Cheats Treats

I was volunteered to make some treats for a get together over the weekend which would normally be all fine and dandy - I'm always more than happy to do a bit of catering - but one thing I do ask is that someone might think of telling me after they have volunteered my services!

Last Friday evening, sitting quietly after getting home from work, I was ask 'what are we taking to so & so's do tomorrow?'

'What?' I exclaimed in my perfectly eloquent way!

'Yes, tomorrow were taking some sweet nibbles - oh didn't I mention it? I'm sure I did!'

So, not feeling like cooking up an extravaganza but not wanting to let anyone down - and as I was heading to my local supermarket that evening anyway - I decided to find a few things that I could 'fancy up' that would do for the's my efforts and I was quite pleased with them - and so were the little girls that gobbled them up!

I decided that some mini flapjack and brownies would be ideal.....

Most supermarkets sell these tubs of mini-bite biscuits and cakes. They usually come in tubs of 20 - 25 bites - so 4 tubs were ideal for me....

I also bought some mini marshmallows, some chocolate balls covered in gold, some chocolate chunks and some filled icing tubes ( if I'm going to cheat.....I'm going to cheat well!)

But I did make up my own chocolate fudge icing (they didn't have any to buy!!!)

My recipe is really easy it's just chocolate, icing sugar and butter.......

4oz Dark chocolate chunks
2oz Butter
7oz Icing sugar

Just melt your chocolate either over hot water or a minute in the microwave) let it cool slightly and then beat in the butter. Gradually add your icing sugar to give you a soft fudgy texture - any left over is great on ice cream!

So back to the treats.....

Lay the brownies out on a tray.....

and place a teaspoon of choc fudge icing onto each one.....

Like this ( put the tray on a surface that's the right working height - mine wasn't and boy did my back hurt after 40 of these little critters!)

simply decorated however you like - I added a mini marshmallow and a chocolate chunk!

Next up were the flapjacks....

Laid out on a drying rack - so the spare icing can drop off....

I randomly iced caramel and chocolate lines diagonally across each one....

The added golden chocolate balls .....

And - voila!

And they did look rather yummy even if I do say so myself!!!

Some simple bites that took me about 15 minutes to 'fancy up' and that includes the icing making - obviously not the trip to the supermarket
                                    ........ but I did have to go there that evening

                                                        ........ so it wasn't a special trip

                                                                            ......... so therefore doesn't count!!!!

P.S. - I did come clean about them and didn't pass them off as my own baking!!!!

Have a great Monday