Thursday, 4 September 2014

Vegetable Side DIsh 3 - Kale with Spicy Orange

I love kale - I'm not sure why  I prefer it to any other green veg but I do - especially when its just been boiled and served with butter and freshly ground black pepper - yum!

So I'm now in seventh heaven seeing it all piled high in our veg shop these last few weeks. There will be an outcry in our house soon - I seem to be serving it at every other meal but I'll keep going until the ineveitable complaint comes.....

Last week my sister-in -law (Lizzie) and her husband (Mark) came for lunch & I wanted to 'tart' up the bag of Kale I had so decided to add some spices and fresh orange segments to it which worked really well.

You will need
1 large bag of kale
1 large orange - zest & segments
1 teaspoon chilli flakes
knob or two of butter
Salt & Pepper

First of all pick over and then wash your kale - I like to remove any large looking bits of stalk - I find them a bit tough!

When your ready bring some water to the boil and then add your kale. It cooks quickly so try not to over cook it - you will loose some of the flavour, colour & texture. Don't salt the cooking water it makes the kale tough!


Now, as I said, I made this for Lizzie & Mark and we hadn't seen them for ages so I was busy talking

...........and cooking

                       ........... and drinking

                                    I forgot to take any pictures of this next Stage.........whoops.....


When it's cook drain and place back in the saucepan. Add the butter, chilli, orange zest, salt and pepper and mix through. Add your orange segments and gently fold them through as well.

Serve piping hot with maybe a little more butter on top.

Lizzie loved this dish & polished it off - I think she was craving fresh veg! They have just moved down to this area - literally just moved in - and haven't been able to have a home cooked meal for a few days, what with all the unpacking and a cooker that doesn't work, so a roast with loads of veggies was just what they wanted.

Hopefully, I will be able to tell you all about there new big adventure here soon. But suffice to say I'm really excited that they have moved a lot closer to us and I get to see them a lot more.....yay!

BTW - instead of the orange a clove of crushed garlic goes really well with this recipe!


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