Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Vegetable Side Dish 1 - Carrots with Ginger

I've been rather creative recently with some of our veggie side dishes and felt they deserved to be brought out into the open and given their own posts.

 So over the next three days I'm going to concentrate on some of my favourites - starting with oven baked carrots with a ginger & butter glaze......sounds posh but its dead easy.....


A load & I do mean a load of carrots - I peel (& we did eat them all!) ten carrots to serve four of us.
Fresh root ginger - about thumb size piece -  peeled & sliced
Olive oil
knob butter
salt & pepper

I cook this at the temperature the oven is set for the roast or casserole. Usually anything between
170C/gas 3 to 200C/gas 6 - just keep any eye on time when in a higher heat oven..

Peel & chop up all your carrots - I like to cut them on a slant it looks more fancy!

Grab a lidded oven proof dish and start with a good slick of olive oil. Add the root ginger and some salt & pepper - give it a good stir to coat.

Add your carrots and mix with the ginger & olive oil until all your carrots are coated. Put the lid on & pop in the oven for about 40 mins to an hour.

Check the carrots are tender - if not pop them back in for a little long. When they are cooked add your blob of butter and let it melt through before serving....

I've tried a few extra twist on this recipe:-

i - add some orange zest or orange juice for a bit of a zing

ii - try some coriander - seed or chopped leaf add the seeds, crushed, at the start. The leaf at the end.

iii - and if your carrots are a bit old & woody add a little bit of sugar to sweeten them up.

iv - one last idea - a spoonful of whole grain mustard makes these carrots perfect with ham or pork!

have fun & enjoy.