Monday, 29 September 2014

The Cure for the Common Cold?

Ilva Beretta Photography

I was feeling really icky over the weekend. It started on Friday - a scratchy throat and a feeling of grumpiness settled on me.

By the time I got home on Friday night my throat felt as if I'd swallowed a cup full of needles and it really needed something to sooth it.

So, remembering a hot drink my Mummy (she becomes Mummy not Mum when I'm feeling poorly!) used to make I set to and had a go myself.

It's really easy, just juice of a couple of lemons, add some spoonfuls of honey and pour on boiling water. It's soothing, full of vitamin C and I also took a couple of painkillers as well so I sorted out my headache, soothed my throat and helped to fight off an infection with the vitamin C.........excellent!

I sipped this drink throughout the weekend & by Sunday evening I was feeling a lot better and today I'm back to work feeling as 'fit as a fiddle'

So either I (well really my Mum) have invented the cure for the common cold, or it was just a 24hr thing or I wasn't really that ill ........just making a fuss.....but anyway 'all's well that ends well and I can show these pictures of lemons......oh and honey .....

Have a great Monday and stay fit & well!