Monday, 8 September 2014

Bruschetta (times two)

We were both off work last week and decided not to go away but to spend the time at home, catching up on lots of DIY jobs.

Which is great!

.............. and Andrew even go round to doing some jobs that I've been mentioning he might like to take a look at since about the year 510BC


Anyway, being at home during the day means I not only have to think of something to cook for our evening meal but I also have to plan a lunch! Usually when we are off from work we are away so we just grab something whilst out & about. So making lunches sneaked up on me....

My most favourite lunch this week sort of happened by accident. I really needed to go to the shops, to refill our groceries, but we also 'really needed' to eat lunch in really needed

.......I was getting crabby

........not the best time to get behind the wheel of a car to go & buy bread!

But we only had some 'day old' french stick in the house - what to do?

And as the oven was already on I decided to make some quick bruschetta.

First I cut the remains of the french stick in to diagonal slices - the more extreme the better - it gives you more surface area for toppings!

Then douse in olive oil & a little sea salt crystals, pop in the oven and toast for about 5 minutes - do keep an eye on them because they can burn quickly...

Then prepare your toppings

I made a two types - some with a Mediterranean topping and some with smoked salmon....

For the Mediterranean ones I used -

1 small avocado - peeled & sliced
a handful of mini plum tomatoes - crushed
1 ball mozzarella
some fresh basil leaves
some olive oil
salt & pepper

Once you bread is toasted remove from the oven and spread your tomatoes over - pressing them into the bread. You can also rub a cut clove of garlic over the surface, before adding the tomatoes, which gives an extra flavour dimension.

On top of your tomatoes add your avocado and cheese and then finish off with a drizzle of olive oil, the basil leaves and some salt & pepper.

For the smoked salmon - really easy - just spread on some cream cheese, pile on the smoked salmon, add some lambs lettuce and a few twists of freshly ground black pepper - Yum!

Then serve it as a starter, a lunch or just a snack ........