Thursday, 21 August 2014

Cool Cuts

Andrew has just been & had his hair cut. Whilst he was their he took some quick snaps on his phone to show me how his barber stores all his 'haircutting stuff'

             they still call them that?

                                          .......are they stylists or hairdressers or,   ....  heaven forbid ....coiffures?

                                 .....I'm gonna stick to barber.... much more macho man!

Anyway I digress....

So as I said ...... Andrew showed me pictures of the barbers 'tool box' of hair products and equipment.....It's just so darn cool. And it turns out that not only is this barbers cool they also give the clients a bottle of beer! have cool Jazz or heavy metal playing and they talk about music, bikes etc........

And they spray the water from an old Jack Daniels bottle .......

Now when I go to the hairdresser I get either a cup of suspect coffee or a glass of tap water, I have to talk about my holidays or the latest spray on tan (of which I know nothing!), listen to local radio, read through Hello or OK magazine - whilst my latest hairdresser (or stylist) chats to her colleague and then get charged about 4 times as much as Andrew did....and I just went for a trim...where have we women gone wrong? perhaps it's just me!

So maybe next time I need a trim perhaps I should pop along to Andrews 'cool barber' & see if he will do it ......... if women are allowed that is!