Thursday, 24 July 2014

Tree Felling

I've taken a while to share this post with you - because I still shiver thinking about Andrew hanging up in a tree with saws & chainsaws running!!!

We had a tree come down on one of the cars during a winter storm so it was decided that it's neighbour should be brought down before that one squashed something or someone too!

So out came the chainsaws & hard hats and they were all set to cut the poor thing up.

I'm sure there should have been more ropes and safety gear - but what do I know about these things! I kept a healthy distance away with mobile in hand, on speed dial for emergency service, & took some pictures.

If you are of a nervous disposition or your Andrew's Mum look away now!

I want to write some pithy comment but I'm lost for words.......

I just kept whispering 'please be careful' over & over again!

and eventually the tree was down, no one was hurt and nothing was damaged. 

and we had lots of firewood.........

Which will keep the pizza oven hot all summer long!

And just to prove it's not only trees he climbs!......