Friday, 4 July 2014

Taking Stock

A came across this post from Pip & thought I'd have a go and join in.........

Making : a digital scrapbook on my ipad
Cooking : tomato & basil pasta
Drinking : ginger cordial with white rum & tonic - lots of ice!
Reading: cook books - always cookbooks! (+ plus something dodgy on kindle!)
Wanting: to be anywhere but work
Looking: for the answers!
Playing: scrabble 
Wasting: time (as always)
Sewing: ha - I leave that to mum!
Wishing: on a star
Enjoying: the sunshine
Waiting: for the weekend / my holiday
Liking: planning said holiday
Wondering: what to do on that holiday
Loving: the sunshine after the rain
Hoping: I get everything done

Marvelling: how much I can do when I put my mind to it
Needing: less
Smelling: the rain on warm pavements
Wearing: Jeans (to work - it's Friday!)
Following: my plan
Noticing: how quiet it is today
Knowing: if I eat less I'll weigh less!
Thinking: not-a-lot
Feeling: happy
Bookmarking: 'good mood food' recipes
Opening: the lunch time post 
Giggling: at my boss in cycle short
Still Feeling: good

Give it a go & make yourself a list!

Have a nice weekend 
Liz x