Monday, 14 July 2014

So Many Mushrooms....


We love them in all their forms in our house and have many, many recipes for them......

here are a couple of my quick and easy favourites

Baked Mushrooms (x2)

First off this is the simplest way of cooking mushrooms....

Just wipe over a good handful of mushrooms to check there clean, pop them all into an ovenproof dish; dot with butter; add a crushed clove of garlic; salt & pepper; a few chilli flakes & bake for 20 minutes.....

once cooked either serve as a side dish or have them with a fresh loaf for lunch.

The second way with baked mushrooms is a little bit more involved....

Enough for a side dish to serve 4

200g chestnut mushrooms (or your mushrooms of choice any will do!) - sliced
the crusty end of a loaf of bread (probably equal to 2-3 slices)
knob of butter
1 large clove garlic- crushed
zest of half lemon
couple of sprigs fresh thyme
salt & pepper
a little milk or cream

Pre heat your oven to 180C / gas 4

Place your sliced mushrooms into an oven proof dish

Dot with the butter; add half the crushed garlic; salt & pepper and a splash of milk or cream

Next make your crumble topping

Pop you bread - torn into bits - into a food processor

Add lemon zest & rest of the garlic - give it a whizz

add your thyme and some salt & pepper and give it all a final quick whizz to blend the flavours...

Sprinkle on top of your mushrooms and pop into the oven

Now, I made this dish at my Mum's last week to go with some steaks - but I didn't really know her oven very well - it was a bit hotter than mine & I slightly over cooked it!

But it still tasted good!

 Mushroom bake

Here's a few pick of one a made a few weeks earlier. We had this one with a lice of goats cheese on the top which was really rather excellent....

for this one I added spring onions to the bread crumble topping 

This was the topping colour I was aiming for at mum's....