Friday, 18 July 2014

Smoking Salmon

Whilst on our travels abroad we ventured across a man, at a market, smoking fish. It smelt wonderful and tasted even better - since then we have found ways of creating the same effect at home and on the barbecue of the boat - where we often have spare, freshly caught, mackerel that can be smoked and eaten the next day.

We have found that smoking a side of salmon on the barbecue is a fantastic way of cooking and when served it cold the next day the flavour have developed into a wonderful deep smokey taste.

To have a go you will need a barbecue with a lid, coals, a metal container and a large handful of oak wood chips or shavings - we make our own but you can get some online or from your local self sufficiency/ farm shop.

First off get your barbecue burning until the coals are a 'white' heat

then place your metal container, filled with the oak shavings, on top of the coals.

Place your prepared fish on the grid over the shavings.

Our salmon was placed on a olive oiled foil and just sprinkled with salt & pepper

Pop the lid on, with the vents open, & leave for about 20 minutes or until your fish is cooked & started to take on a smokey colour.

You should be aiming for this colouring on the flesh

Either serve hot or cold.

We served ours with Andrews homemade rye bread ( recipe to be posted soon - I promise!) and a dill & lemon mayonnaise.