Friday, 25 July 2014

Rye Crisp Bread

Some friends came over for a visit the other night and brought some Swedish rye crisp bread with them to have with cheese.

These rye breads sparked something off in Andrew's brain and he then spent the next few nights perfecting his own recipe for them.

We think he's got it right with this recipe.

Makes 12 crispbreads each the size of a side plate 

400g rye flour 
1 tsp fine sea salt 
10g fresh yeast or a couple of teaspoons of dried
350ml water

a mixture of seeds - pumpkin, nigella, sesame and caraway about a tablespoon of each

Preheat oven to 200C/gas 6

First off prep your yeast - warm the water to hand hot and add your yeast (fresh or dried)

You can tell an engineer is making this - look at those scales! I doubt I'll use them - my cooking is a bit more hit and miss!

in a bowl sift your flour and add you seeds and salt

add your liquid and bring it all together - it will form a stiff sticky dough. Cover and leave for about an hour, in a warm place - it will rise but not much - just a little puffed up.

Form it into a barrel shape and cut it into six and then each round in half again - so you have 12 lumps

Place on your non-stick board and roll out  (we used our a silicon mat)

We like the rustic look - we don't worry too much about the shape.....

Cut a circle out in the middle - keep these rounds and bake as well to make little biscuits

Sprinkle with extra seeds - here sunflower and flax

roll the seeds in...

and bake for 15-20 minutes. Leave to cool and then serve

They go really well with cream cheese & fruit; smoke salmon; prawns in dill mayonnaise and with goats cheese..... well anything really!


 Rye Bread