Monday, 7 July 2014

Lavender's Blue dilly dilly

There is a beautiful lavender nursery near my parents house in Gloucestershire, and on our visit to them this weekend I had to go and take a look at all the plants in full bloom.

We had a good look and poke around all the poly & glass tunnels - there are so many varieties of lavender it was very hard to choose which ones to buy.....

And I just love the unique smell & feel of a greenhouse- all earthy, damp and wholesome! - especially ones with lavenders flowering in..........

The heady smell of the lavender was amazing - I wish I could create 'smellyvision or 'scratch & sniff' for you to expereince the scents - it left us feeling all calm & relaxed!

Loads of insects were busy on the flowers and the buzz of their activity was the only sounds you could hear around the garden

I aspire to have a lavender garden and last year we started planting one up. Andrew has made up some raised beds and we filled each with compost & laid a weed barrier on top.

Each bed was then divided and planted with lavender.

We filled in around the lavender plants, and the beds, with Cotswold stone and whilst the plants are small - to add interests - we have place terracotta pots filled with houseleeks and agapanthus.

My lavenders haven't started flowering yet - should be next week! I'm soooo looking forward to it.

 As soon as they do I'll post some pictures for you all to have a look!