Thursday, 17 July 2014

Island Walks & Skimming Stones

In between the rain showers, a weekend in may, we went for a quick walk around the small island near our home.

The bluebells and cow parsley were flowering and the island has taken on a blue haze with a white mist above.

It's hard to believe it was covered in water a few months ago -

Watch the flooding 

When the weathers good Andrew likes to walk out on the island and skim stones - it's some cathartic exercise I think!

And if I'm with him I'm treated (!?) to a lesson on how to 'skim a stone' - each & everytime

 First there's the selection of the stone - it's apparently very technical! they needs to be the right shape (round & flat); the right size (not to big, nor to small); it must also be the right weight!

and then you have to throw it, sorry chuck it, I mean skim it..........whoops!


I'm rubbish - I think certain parts of my anatomy get in the way!

So instead I get the job of finding the right pebbles to skim.

So I'm always looking down when the perfect skim has been executed!

Have a good rest of your week