Tuesday, 22 July 2014

I couldn't be without...

Whilst working in the kitchen the other day listening to Desert Island discs on BBC Radio 4

.............. it was a podcast with Ray Mears

                   ....... I  enjoyed his song choices!
                         ........Blondie, The Jam, KT Tunstall, Nina Simmon - all excellent!!


I got to thinking about what kitchen tools I couldn't live without - obviously they wouldn't be much help on a dessert island but then I suppose I might have more pressing problems than not having my stainless steel lemon zester with me!

And if I had Ray Mears I'm sure he could make one out of a bit of wood or something!

Here's my thoroughly thought over list -

1. Garlic Press - I know chefs are not supposed to use these but I ( & most of my chef colleague's) do  - so sue me/us - this is my favourite Kuhn Rikon Stainless Steel Press

2. Silicon Baking Mat - These are so good. Buy on to fit your favourite baking tray & you will never have anything stick again - no need for baking paper this works time & time again - my favourite is cuissential

3. Good 8" blade chefs knife - I've had my set of knives since I was 18. It is worth spending as much as you can afford on a really good knife & also a sharpening steel - you wont believe the difference when you work with a well made, sharp knife. Favourite is Global Knives

4. Lemon Zester - I seem to use this most days - we have lemon or lime zest in everything! my brabantia one is excellent

5. Kitchen tongs - used to do every thing in my kitchen from serving salad to turning the bacon and  retrieving stuck toast from the toaster! Silicon tipped are the best they don't scratch stainless or non-stick pans! I like kitchen craft tongs they are inexpensive & colourful!

And finally

6. Peeler -The humble potato peeler is used not only for peeling all types of vegetables but also to make fine slithers of parmesan or chocolate, ginger and fruits such as mango. A stainless steel one is best because it wont hold strong smells, as plastic does, so wont transfer the flavours. Mine is a Zyliss Swivel Peeler